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The North Lake Seventh-day Adventist Church began services at the current location on February 28, 2009. With a current membership of approximately 160 people, we are looking forward with eager anticipation to the day when Christ will come and claim his own.

Pastor Bradley and Janice Galambos

We were blessed to have pastor Norman Bassett and his wife Patricia as our interim ministerial team. Pastor Bassett served many years in the Adventist denomination before  retiring to sunny Florida, and joined our fellowship and served as our head elder under the direction of former pastor Bradley Galambos. Since the death of pastor Galambos, pastor Bassett has been providing our pastoral leadership.

Norman has a burden to show the world a clear picture of who God really is, and you will be inspired by his sermons to get to know God better than you have ever known him before








October  28 Registration is Required

This is a free service of love at no cost to you. (You will be saving $83.03). Registration is required. This event is sponsored by Florida Hospital Waterman in partnership with North Lake SDA (Seventh-day Adventist Church).
The screening will include: (Blood Pressure, Lipid Panel (Cholesterol), Blood glucose; Lifestyle Questionnaire with personal report and recommendations; Health Interest Survey.
We recommend you come 8 hours [fasting*] for accurate blood readings, otherwise, the results will be skewed (Slanted). A light breakfast will be served to break the fast.
If you are visiting us for the first time we have Sabbath School 10:00 am - children are welcome (Classes are divided by age group) At 10:45 Divine Worship Service.
[*Fasting] means no eating or drinking for a period before your lab test. Some blood tests are sensitive to food and drink in your system, and fasting helps ensure that the test results are more accurate].

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